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Ideally located among the famed golf communities of North Scottsdale, Arizona, Legend Trail homes enjoy the best of both worlds-rural beauty of the surrounding Sonoran Desert while only 15 minutes away from downtown Scottsdale. Situated along North Legend Trail Parkway near North Pima Road, Legend Trail's 640-acre complex includes swimming pools, lighted tennis courts, a comprehensive recreation center, numerous biking/hiking trails, and of course the Legend Trails Golf Course, which is open to the public.

Some of the individual neighborhoods within Legend Trail are gated, but all enjoy the benefits of luxury living, with average home sizes of approximately 2600 square feet and values ranging from $250,000 to beyond $1 million for the larger, custom homes. Avron Homes, Pinnacle Builders, and William Lyon Homes constitute a majority of the architectural designs in Legend Trail, and though the majority of construction took place from the late 1990s through the early 2000s, new home construction is ongoing. Residents are part of the Cave Creek School District, with both Cave Creek and the primary schools approximately five miles west. Numerous hiking trails can be found less than ten miles north, while major shopping outlets and the resources of Scottsdale are just ten miles south.

Legend Trail Market Update (First Half 2014)

by Brandon on August 9, 2014

Legend Trail Scottsdale Market UpdateDo you own a property in Legend Trail in Scottsdale, AZ? Or maybe you’re thinking about purchasing a home in Legend Trail? Either way, the charts, tables, and analysis below will help you answer the question: is now a good time to buy or sell?

As a prospective home seller, get a rough estimate of what your Legend Trail homes is worth by multiplying the average price-per-square-foot by the total number of square-feet in your home. If you would like a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your Legend Trail home, fill out this form.

As a prospective buyer, take a look at the price trends to see where the local Legend Trail market is headed, and if the market is favoring buyers. To see all the available real estate for sale in Legend Trail, click here.

p.s. all the charts and graphs below are interactive, so you can hover over & click individual points to get more details

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  • Total Sales January – June 2014: 32 in Legend Trail
  • Overall Average $/SQFT: $225.62/sqft
  • Overall Average Days on Market: 87 days

Map of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

This map shows all the homes that sold between January and June in Legend Trail. Click on any of the star markers for more information on the given property. Home sales ranged from $318,750 to $1,075,000 during this time frame.

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List of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

Here are all 32 of the sales the occurred between January and June 2014 in the Scottsdale community of Legend Trail located off of Stagecoach Pass & Pima Road. The oldest home that sold during this time period was built in 1996. This is an interactive table, so you can search it, as well as sort by each individual column.

Sold Price
34330 N 99TH ST5035995$745,000.003,200$232.81464 / 3.002000
34646 N 92ND PL4943605$1,075,000.004,021$267.342494 / 4.502013
9909 E CAVALRY DR5004986$780,000.003,860$202.071504 / 4.502002
35345 N 94TH ST5048387$390,000.001,673$233.11422 / 2.001999
9422 E SANDY VISTA DR5033075$510,000.002,166$235.46743 / 2.501998
9787 E GOLD BLUFF RD5059832$1,065,000.004,393$242.43455 / 4.502012
34115 N 92ND PL4985080$629,000.003,401$184.942233 / 3.502002
34502 N 92ND PL5022950$797,000.003,269$243.811413 / 3.502006
34392 N 99TH WAY5060306$730,000.002,806$260.15383 / 3.502002
35347 N 94TH WAY5054507$365,000.002,167$168.44543 / 2.001999
9686 E PRESERVE WAY5047473$883,000.003,406$259.24934 / 3.502000
9713 E PRESERVE WAY5054299$790,000.002,844$277.77644 / 3.002000
9675 E ROADRUNNER DR5067413$569,000.002,450$232.24323 / 2.501999
34487 N 92ND PL5060088$1,025,000.003,916$261.75554 / 3.502005
35086 N 98th ST5065603$775,000.004,437$174.66334 / 4.502005
9559 E RAINDANCE TRL5078417$430,000.001,832$234.71172 / 2.001999
9785 E PRESERVE WAY4883878$490,000.002,525$194.053533 / 2.502003
9973 E SEVEN PALMS DR5091714$984,500.003,550$277.32244 / 4.502001
9467 E SANDY VISTA DR5088292$660,000.002,801$235.63754 / 2.502000
9263 E WHITEWING DR5078678$430,000.002,167$198.43743 / 2.002001
35280 N 92ND WAY5075255$467,000.002,166$215.601213 / 2.501999
9696 E CAVALRY DR5110208$700,000.003,189$219.50563 / 3.501997
34938 N 92ND PL5084205$425,000.001,673$254.03213 / 2.001999
9599 E CAVALRY DR5028701$575,000.002,801$205.28654 / 4.001999
9574 E CHUCKWAGON LN5059305$398,000.001,619$245.8372 / 2.001998
9247 E WHITEWING DR4991943$390,000.002,167$179.971823 / 2.002001
9519 E Cavalry DR5048444$412,000.002,360$174.58702 / 2.001997
9607 E Cavalry DR5047646$525,000.002,503$209.74313 / 2.502000
9554 E Raindance TRL5060890$375,000.001,832$204.69582 / 2.001998
9652 E SIDEWINDER TRL5057521$337,500.001,619$208.46902 / 2.001996
9577 E Raindance TRL5103442$417,250.001,832$227.76443 / 2.001999
9675 E Chuckwagon LN5053766$318,750.001,619$196.881512 / 2.001999

Additional Info

Here is some additional information on the homes that sold, including the builder, model, and closing date. The busiest month for sales in Legend Trail during the first half was April with 8 sales occurring.

Sold $
34330 N 99TH ST5035995$745,000.00$232.81Jan 15, 2014US HomePinehurst
34646 N 92ND PL4943605$1,075,000.00$267.34Jan 31, 2014Dos Vigas ConstructionCustom
9909 E CAVALRY DR5004986$780,000.00$202.07Feb 18, 2014Desert WestCustom
35345 N 94TH ST5048387$390,000.00$233.11Feb 19, 2014AvronCopper Sky
9422 E SANDY VISTA DR5033075$510,000.00$235.46Feb 21, 2014AvronDancing Shadows
9787 E GOLD BLUFF RD5059832$1,065,000.00$242.43Mar 24, 2014Dos Vigas Construction
34115 N 92ND PL4985080$629,000.00$184.94Mar 27, 2014AvronKachina
34502 N 92ND PL5022950$797,000.00$243.81Mar 27, 2014CustomCustom
34392 N 99TH WAY5060306$730,000.00$260.15Mar 28, 2014AvronStar Chaser
35347 N 94TH WAY5054507$365,000.00$168.44Mar 31, 2014KB
9686 E PRESERVE WAY5047473$883,000.00$259.24Apr 4, 2014AvronCanyon Dancer
9713 E PRESERVE WAY5054299$790,000.00$277.77Apr 8, 2014AvronStar Chaser
9675 E ROADRUNNER DR5067413$569,000.00$232.24Apr 11, 2014US HomesEnlarged Doral
34487 N 92ND PL5060088$1,025,000.00$261.75Apr 14, 2014Tacoma ConstructionCustom
35086 N 98th ST5065603$775,000.00$174.66Apr 18, 2014CustomCustom
9559 E RAINDANCE TRL5078417$430,000.00$234.71Apr 30, 2014Presley
9785 E PRESERVE WAY4883878$490,000.00$194.05May 1, 2014Avron
9973 E SEVEN PALMS DR5091714$984,500.00$277.32May 30, 2014AvronStoryteller
9467 E SANDY VISTA DR5088292$660,000.00$235.63Jun 6, 2014Avron HomesVision Seeker
9263 E WHITEWING DR5078678$430,000.00$198.43Jun 20, 2014KB Homes
35280 N 92ND WAY5075255$467,000.00$215.60Jun 24, 2014AvronDancing Shadows
9696 E CAVALRY DR5110208$700,000.00$219.50Jun 25, 2014Avron
34938 N 92ND PL5084205$425,000.00$254.03Apr 30, 2014AvronCopper Sky
9599 E CAVALRY DR5028701$575,000.00$205.28Jan 14, 2014AvronVision Seeker
9574 E CHUCKWAGON LN5059305$398,000.00$245.83Feb 14, 2014PresleySierra
9247 E WHITEWING DR4991943$390,000.00$179.97Feb 28, 2014KB Homes
9519 E Cavalry DR5048444$412,000.00$174.58Mar 12, 2014Edmunds
9607 E Cavalry DR5047646$525,000.00$209.74Apr 11, 2014AvronVision Seeker
9554 E Raindance TRL5060890$375,000.00$204.69May 7, 2014Presley Homes
9652 E SIDEWINDER TRL5057521$337,500.00$208.46May 12, 2014Presley
9577 E Raindance TRL5103442$417,250.00$227.76Jun 25, 2014PresleySanta Fe
9675 E Chuckwagon LN5053766$318,750.00$196.88Jun 30, 2014PresleySierra

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Average $/SQFT by Month

The average price-per-square-foot for all the sales in Legend Trail combined was $225.62, which is represented by the green line above.

The orange line represents home sales that sold over $1,000,000. Only three $1m+ homes occurred in the first six-months which contributes to the flat trend.

The red line plots the $500k-$999k range and is relatively stable except May, where we see a significant jump of 23%. This spike was the result of May only having one-sale during the month and it was a property originally listed over $1m, but ended up selling a tad below the $1,000,000 mark.

The blue line covers all the home sales sub-$500,000. The homes in this price range tend to be more dynamic in what price-per-square-foot they get. The low point was in March, which had two-sales, both of which were the lowest $/SQFT in the first half of 2014, so the average took a dramatic drop. But it rebounded in April when the other price segments were flat.

Averages by Price Segment

  • Overall Average: $225.62/sqft
  • Under $500k: $207.17/sqft
  • $500k-999k: $228.19/sqft
  • Over $1m: $256.69/sqft

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Sales per Month

Sales peaked in April with a total of eight, which may be a bit misleading because a bulk (11 sales, 34%) of the Legend Trail sales occurred between March 24th and April 18th.

Price Segments %

Home sales in Legend Trail are split fairly evenly between the sub-$500k range and the $500k-999k segment.

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Average DOM by Month

Average days on the market by price segment for each of the first six-months in 2014.


Blue line: Average of all price segments
Red Line: Under $500,000
Orange Line: $500,000 to $999,999
Green Line: Over $1,000,000

6-Month Averages by Price Segment

What was the average days on market for each segment over the last 6 months?

  • Overall Average: 87 days
  • Under $500k: 91 days. May & June contributed the most to increasing the average DOM for this price segment.
  • $500k-999k: 76 days. February & March were the highest DOM months for this segment.
  • Over $1m: 116 days. Outside of January, very good DOM numbers for the $1,000,000 price segment.

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Private Pool vs. Community Only Pool

Of the 32 sales that occurred in Legend Trail during the first half of 2014, 23 had a private pool.

Average Days on the Market

  • With a private pool: 90 days
  • Without a private pool: 78 days

Average Price-per-Square-Foot

  • With a private pool: $231.40/sqft (13.29% more)
  • Without a private pool: $204.26/sqft

What’s a private pool worth to a home in Legend Trail? Roughly a 13.29% premium. While a pool increases the value of your Legend Trail home, it also adds, on average, an extra 12 days on the market.

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Homes Sold by MODEL

During the first 6-months of 2014, here are the Legend Trail models that sold.

  • Not Specified: 10
  • Custom: 5
  • Vision Seeker: 3
  • Copper Sky: 2
  • Dancing Shadows: 2
  • Sierra: 2
  • Star Chaser: 2
  • Canyon Dancer: 1
  • Doral: 1
  • Kachina: 1
  • Pinehurst: 1
  • Santa Fe: 1
  • Storyteller: 1

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Homes Sold by BUILDER

And of the 32 sales that occurred between January and June, here are the builders that built them.

  • Avron Homes: 14
  • Presley Homes: 6
  • KB Homes: 3
  • Custom: 2
  • Dos Vigas Construction: 2
  • US Homes: 2
  • Desert West: 1
  • Edmunds: 1
  • Tacoma Construction: 1

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How do the various subdivisions in Legend Trail compare to one another in average price-per-square-foot and days on the market. As a point of reference, the Legend Trail community as a whole has an Average $/SQFT of $225.62/sqft and an Average Days on Market of 87 days.

# Sales
Average $/SQFT
Average DOM
Preserve Summit2$268.4759
The Fairways3$232.5861
Legend Greens3$226.9160
Estates at Legend Trail3$223.4676
Legend Vista Estates1$202.07150

Not every sale is marked with a subdivision, so those are excluded from the above results.

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